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Walking for Tomorrow: hiking to raise money for Walking with the Wounded

Home 21/11/2019


Walking for Tomorrow: hiking to raise money for Walking with the Wounded

In wind, rain, and very little shine, writer, producer and BAFTA winning actor, Stuart Brennan, is hiking his way from Lands End to Barnsaple. Brennan has embarked on his 6-day expedition to raise money and awareness for the charity Walking with the Wounded, who work with ex-military members to support their transition back to civilian life. 

Between 18th to the 23rd November, Brennan and his filming crew will be creating a documentary about his adventure. Brennan will be joined in this documentary with various guests including ex-military members, who will discuss their experience during service and their lives now. The aim of this documentary is to shine a light on the important issues facing many service members, and promote the importance of their health support. 

Brennan is squelching, stumbling, and striding his way over 120 miles and was of course in need of some sturdy boots. Thankfully, Anatom Footwear marched in with aid. Very kindly gifting him a brilliant pair of Q2 Classic Hill Walking Boots, Brennan can now comfortably continue on his cause in any weather and terrain.

Along his journey, Brennan will be stopping off at various cinemas in the evening to screen the film Tomorrow, which he co-wrote and acted in. Tomorrow was produced by Martin Scorsese and directed by one of his previous script supervisors, Martha Pinson. It also stars British favourites Stephen Fry, James Cosmo, Paul Kaye, Sebastian Street and more. 

This touching drama follows Tesla (Sebastian Street), an ex-military member who was injured during service. Upon arriving back home after his service, Tesla must learn to live with PTSD and find a new zest for life. Meeting eccentric and wild-hearted, Sky (Stuart Brennan), Tesla learns how to live again, finding work, love and meaning. Tomorrow has won several awards at festivals including Favourite Actor, Favourite Actress and Best Feature.

Tomorrow will be playing in Truro, Falmouth, Newquay, Bodmin, Barnstaple and expects a release on DVD and streaming services in 2020.