Q3 Rannoch Extreme High Boots

Under the bonnet the Rannoch Extreme is fitted with a three layer waterproof/breathable membrane. The outer material is the most robust 3mm rough-cut leather that can cope with the most extreme conditions. This premium silicone infused, rough-cut leather is produced for us by a family owned tannery in Italy. This is the most durable leather available on the market and is made from the corium, the strongest part of the hide.


  • 3.0mm Silicone Infused Perwanger rough cut leather offers the most durable protection available whilst being breathable.
  • Tri.aria Membrane System - Durable waterproof and breathable membrane.
  • Full Rubber Rand - For added protection around the whole base of the foot.
  • Anatom Comfort Last - Anatomically designed last for premium fit around the whole foot.
  • Vibram® Foura outsole with cushioned PU mid-sole.
  • Calibrated Nylon Mid-sole - Our Nylon mid-sole is calibrated for each style and size for the perfect fit.
  • Corrosion resistant Eyelets with a quadruple lock-off lace system adding comfort and fit around the foot.


Type: Boots