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How to fit walking boots

Good fitting walking boots are essential for long-distance trails and hill walking. Over the last twenty-four years, Anatom has built a solid reputation for its footwear training academy. During this time we have measured over 55K pairs of feet and continue to measure many more, every day. With each measurement, we learn a little bit more. 

With this hands-on experience and what we have learned, we have developed our unique shape which the footwear industry calls 'Lasts'.

What size am I?

Anatom make footwear in EU sizes, which go up in ¾ of UK sizes, select your UK shoe size below & click "Convert" to quickly convert to EU size.

Feel the fit

Try your boots on with good quality walking socks. We recommend Teko.

Boots should fit closely around the ankle and foot, with no pinch points. Feet can swell through the day, so if possible try boots on in the evening.

Boot length

It’s important to make sure that there is plenty of length for your toes. With the boots unlaced, push your foot to the front of the boot, so that your toe just touches the end.

Now test the length; Being able to insert your index finger between your heel and the back of the book provides a good guide that there is enough length overall.

Comfort Test

Walk around indoors to ensure that you are happy with the comfort and fit.
Key things to look out for are;

* Are your heels secure when you walk upstairs?

- A small amount of movement is OK, but greater heel lift may indicate that you need to adjust the lacing to lock your heel in.

* Do your feet move around inside the boot?

- If the length is good, movement could mean that you need to adjust your lacing or try a volume reducer.

* Can you feel any hot spots?

- Hot spots are likely to turn into blisters over time. If a specific point rubs, check your socks are smooth and lacing is even across the area.