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The Anaflex™ calibrated midsoles are the engine room of Anatom footwear. The midsole is a crucial determining factor in the differentiation in performance of footwear designed for use on rugged terrain.

The three key areas are;

Underfoot Protection

This is an essential element of high-quality hiking footwear that prevents stones causing bruising and unnecessary fatigue to the foot.

Torsional Rigidity

Our calibrated midsole supports the foot during the adaptive phases, ensuring our footwear flexes the right amount for stability whilst crossing slopes or tricky terrain.

Forefoot Flex

As well as ensuring stability and security on uneven ground and whilst crossing slopes, our calibrated midsole will also enhance walking efficiency and reduce fatigue by allowing the right level of forefoot flew.

Each of these features needs to be calibrated to the size of the foot to enable the smallest size to flex in the same manner as the largest size.

Anaflex™ Calibrated Midsole – Flex 1

An easy, flexible Anaflex™ calibrated midsole which returns lots of ground contact and grip

Anaflex™ Calibrated Midsole – Flex 2

A moderate Anaflex™ calibrated midsoles delivers the right level of forefoot flex and torsional rigidity, providing the optimum stability on uneven terrain and when crossing slopes

Anaflex™ Calibrated Midsole – Flex 3

A moderate Anaflex™ calibrated midsoles deliver the right level of forefoot flex and torsional rigidity, providing the high levels of stability for backpacking and more demanding expeditions.

Anaflex™ Calibrated Midsole – Flex 4

Stiff Anaflex™ calibrated midsoles deliver exceptional stability and torsional rigidity, ideal for ascending rocky ridges with confidence.

Anaflex™ Calibrated Midsole – Flex 5

Fully stiffened Anaflex™ calibrated midsoles deliver security and torsional rigidity, ideal for demanding 4-season walking and mountaineering.