Anatom Frequently Asked Questions

,Why does Anatom footwear feel so comfortable when I put them on?

It all starts with the internal shape of the footwear. As of January 2021 we have measured 65K pairs of feet and gained a tremendous amount of knowledge. We have approached our footwear from a different direction.

We have developed our own combination shape that fits around the heel perfectly, holding the heel bone and achilles area secure preventing rubbing and blisters. The arch of the foot is very sleek and then we open up the toe box into a generous shape that allows your toes to spread and feel very natural and comfortable. With Anatom, footwear it’s the fit that really counts!

Why is Scotland such a good place for testing footwear?

It is ideal because from the road you can access some very arduous terrain that really tests footwear. We can be on the slopes of Ben Vorlich, Ben Ledi or Ben Lomond in just over an hour. Within two hours we can be in Glencoe and the Grampians.

We experience some of the highest rainfall in Europe and have some of the sharpest granite that will tear footwear to bits if its not made properly.

Why don’t you use Goretex?

We have developed our own PTFE-Free membrane system with a leading brand that has very high environmental credentials. We have also partnered very closely with Nikwax for our footwear aftercare because we believe they have the best product on the market and they are an environmentally conscious company.

We believe to achieve the highest levels of waterproofness and breathability it requires, excellent footwear construction in the first place combined with a high performance membrane BUT that none of this will perform to its optimum without high quality, proven aftercare for cleaning, nourishing and proofing the leather and outer fabrics.

Are any of your boots vegan?

Some of our boots are vegan, however there are some boots that are made with leather. Please look at the details of the boot you are interested in to find out the materials used.

Is your footwear made in the UK?

Our footwear is designed, developed and tested in Scotland and handmade in Europe.  

How long will they remain waterproof?

Anatom recommends the use of Nikwax products to maintain the condition of your footwear.

Please be aware the use of other more traditional products, such as Dubbin, will render your warranty null and void.

Leather is a natural product and requires care to ensure maximum performance.

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