The Anatomy of Anatom

Anatom Footwear, is designed, developed and tested in Scotland and hand crafted in Europe. All of our components and materials are sourced in Italy where most of the finest and most technical footwear in the world is made.  We have included some of the world's best technologies in the design and manufacture of our boots and shoes, as well as developing some of our own. Here are just some of the components and technologies that we use in our award-winning footwear:

TRI.aria three-layer membrane system

Waterproofness, breathability and durability – the heart of our TRI.aria micro-porous membrane allows moisture vapour to pass through yet prevents water from entering the footwear’s upper. TRI.aria is PTFE-Free, PFC-Free and recyclable at end of life. TRI.aria is a trademark of Anatom.

MEMORY-FIT insoles

Anatom Memory-Fit insoles are designed to mould to your feet providing enhanced comfort and cushioning. The more you wear them, the better they feel.

ANAFLEX Calibrated Flex System

A calibrated midsole supports the foot during its adaptive phases, ensures the footwear flexes in the right place no matter what your foot size is and provides the appropriate underfoot protection. Excellent lateral and torsional stability is provided by the high quality nylon polyamide material used, increasing stability and reducing fatigue. Anatom Flexes range from 1 to 5.

HDS - High Denier Substrate Upper

Our HDS material in our fabric boots is engineered to provide incredible durability without compromising breathability. Tested extensively, this tightly woven material will endure the harshest of mountain conditions.

Interface One

The highly durable Interface One hydrophobic lining allows internal moisture from the foot and sock to pass through freely. The moisture can then evaporate through the tri.aria open-cell foam and micro-porous membrane and ultimately the external outer material.

Vibram Outsoles

Our outsoles provide tremendous grip in all weather. Their durable compound ensures extended life and extremely high friction on all surfaces. They are designed to expel unwanted stones very effectively on all terrains. Vibram has very clear sustainability practices which can be seen here:

Bio Form Frame

The Bio Form Frame is calibrated for each size in every model providing the best performance and fit. At the same time the Bio Form Frame is designed to optimise the breathability of the footwear while providing a flexible, supportive structure.

Hydrophobic Open-Cell Foam Cushioning

The cushioning of the upper within our footwear is critical to its interior comfort and performance. Our hydrophobic foam allows moisture vapour to pass through its open-cell structure and through the tri.aria waterproof/breathable membrane.

Bioform Heel Cradle

Our Anatomic Heel Cradle is designed to be firm and gives excellent support and stability to the heel bone. The cradle’s anatomical bottle-neck shape contours the profile of the rear of the foot as well as the heel.

Bioform Toe Protector

The Bio Form Toe Protector is a generous space that provides excellent security for the toes. The density of the materials is increased to allow for improved comfort and protection without unnecessarily stiffening the boot.