Candis Magazine

Our footwear has recently been tried and tested by the good people over at Candis magazine and they've voted our V2 Lomond walking boot as their "Best for hill walking"

Best for hill walking

Anatom V2 Lomond, RRP £120,

"Designed specifically for the female foot, this is a sturdy, supportive boot for those who do a lot of hill walking or hiking over rugged terrain. The fit is excellent – being neither too narrow nor overly wide, they are roomy enough to accommodate thick socks without pinching. The ankle cuff is high, and the heel fit is snug so both offer good support over uneven ground. The sole has excellent thick lugs (the ridges providing grip) and is notably less flexible than other boots tried. However, this is to provide stability on rough terrain, which it definitely does. The Tri-aria® waterproof insole and high-quality outer materials mean feet stay dry no matter what the weather or ground conditions. A reliable, durable boot that comes with an unusual lifetime guarantee."

Read the full article here.

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