SkyeTrail: Tested & Reviewed

SkyeTrail: Tested & Reviewed

Matt Holland at MyOutdoors has reviewed our ultralight, multi-activity SkyeTrail shoes after using them for almost everything over the course of a month!

Anatom SkyeTrail at the beach

"You would think for a shoe that can basically do everything it would struggle in one area, but I have struggled to find that point. The grip from the Vibram outer sole is perfect and suits running and light scrambling. On the climb down on the wet cliffs to the beach at Dunraven Bay I had no issues with the sharp edges, rock poles or pools of water and the same on the way up.

The durable outer protects your feet and keeps them secure so even on the uneven ground when my feet were twisting in some awkward angles I didn't feel like I was going to slip, or my feet would give way."

Read the full review here.

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