Welcome to the Anatom blog!

Hello everybody and welcome to the Anatom hiking blog! We’re going to be using this space to trade hiking tips, show you some of our favourite walks, and give plenty of good advice on walking, hiking and trekking. We’ll also be announcing new products, showing you more about how our top quality shoes and products are made, and running competitions and giveaways for all you lovely hikers. 

My name is Hannah and I am your Anatom blogger. I’m a lifelong hiker and climber, and have just moved to the UK, so I’m discovering great hiking and walking trails as I go. I’ve been hiking and hillwalking since I was small, but have just started to get in to more serious trekking and technical climbing. You’ll be hearing lots about my adventures and seeing pictures from my walks, and I’ll be passing on everything I learn to you.

We want lots of input from you as well. You can connect with us on social media via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We want hear about your favourite walks. I’m heading up to Aberdeen in January; anyone got any great walks they can recommend? 

We want to see lots of pictures as well. Why not send us a picture of somewhere great your Anatom footwear has been?

 I look forward to getting to know you all over the next few months. Happy hiking!

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