Welcome to Anatom

Interior Comfort. Exterior Performance

At Anatom® our footwear is quite literally designed from the inside out.

We are based just outside Edinburgh in Scotland. We extensively test every Anatom product amongst the hills and mountains where the landscape and weather provides an intensive test ground for our product's quality and durability. Scottish weather does not suffer fools gladly. 

We use the finest Italian sourced leathers and materials and combine this with our own unique "combination-Last" that is designed to offer a very snug heel fit and a broader, more spacious forefoot shape. We also grade the flex of all of our footwear from one to five to suit it's particular purpose and make it easier for you to select the right boot or shoe.

In our quest to develop the best fitting and performing footwear we have measured over 60,000 pairs of feet and used this knowledge and experience to create a unique Last and the best shape available in the footwear market today.