Internal Shape & Design

 The foot is a complex, three dimensional, bio-mechanical wonder.

It has the ability to support four times our body weight.
As a mobile adaptor, it can adapt to almost any terrain angle.

Anatom Footwear - Foot Lasts

Years of Experience

Over the last twenty-four years, Anatom has built a solid reputation for its footwear training academy. During this time we have measured over 55K pairs of feet and continue to measure many more, every day. With each measurement, we learn a little bit more.

With this hands-on experience and what we have learned, we have developed our unique shape which the footwear industry calls 'Lasts'.  We now have the following 'Lasts' in our range: 

Anatom Comfort Last - Male - Boot
Anatom Comfort Last - Female - Boot
Anatom Comfort Last - Male - Shoe
Anatom Comfort Last - Female - Shoe
Anatom Comfort Last - Child - Boot
Anatom Performance Last - Unisex - Boot

These 'Lasts' have been developed by our Research & Development team using the proprietary data from our many years of hands-on fitting experience.