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ANATOM Footwear

ANATOM 3mm Volume Reducer - Trim-to-Fit Insole

ANATOM 3mm Volume Reducer - Trim-to-Fit Insole

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The Anatom 3mm Volume Reducer Insole helps to fine tune the fit of any footwear which has some extra unwanted space causing the boot to crease too much when flxed. Our Volume Reducer will fill the excess space to give you a more snug fit. It may be the case you have a very low-volume, slim foot.

Our Volume Reducers are made from a special pre-compressed material that won't compress any further causing any alignment issues. Place the Volume Reducer under our factory insole inside the boot. 

Technical details

  • 3mm
  • Reduce internal volume of the footwear to improve the fit.
  • Tri-to-fit using the factory insole as the template
  • Place under insole inside the footwear.
  • Suitable for all types of shoes and boots
  • Sizes Small, Medium, Large and X.Large
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